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Indoor bonsai - Carmona macrophylla - Tea fuki 405-PB2191250

Art.No.: 405-PB2191250
size 30 cm, age 10 years
Discontinued product
Indoor bonsai - Carmona macrophylla - Tea fuki 405-PB2191250Height: 18 cm
Age: 7 years

Description: tropical, dendroid evergreen shrub with oval, dark green, glossy leaves that are on the surface of the small white spots, often mistaken for insects. Light beige brown crust forms a contrast to dark green tickets. Almost all year long has white flowers with malolistých deploying small green berries that gradually the color red. Please note that the fruits are not edible. Carmona with normal leaves, the absence of pollinators in production. The plant is very suitable for indoor bonsai. Tasty mšicím, if there is nothing spraying (Mospilan). Location: in an apartment in a sunny window, the smaller bonsai protect from strong sunlight and cold drafts. Temperature 15 - 24oC. Watering: very carefully, regularly, the roots of hate přemokření (permanent water podmisce), nor too dry. The frequency of dressing change with rich foliage, when leaves will decline, and you will dressing. The poor often responds dressing opadáním all the leaves, new leaf buds with bright flowers grow at the site within 3 weeks. Fertilization: March to September after 2 weeks in winter after a month with liquid fertilizer. Transplantation: every other year in the spring with a light zakrácením roots. LAND: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or earth (akadama), peat, sand in the ratio 2: 2: 1 CUTTING: more branches, new shoots develop after 6-8 sheets for 1 to 3 leaf. Shaping conduction can throughout the year as needed. New shoots to slightly zdřevnatí.
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