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Room bonsai -Ligustrum chinensis - privet

Art.No.: 705-PB24362
size 31 cm, age 10 years
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Room bonsai -Ligustrum chinensis - privetHeight: 20 cm
Age: 7 years

Description: Evergreen, profusely branched, dense shrub. The leaves are lush green (like lettuce). In the summer flower conical panicle, with small čtyřčetnými tubular flowers, which develop black fruit. This plant is suitable for beginners, grow rapidly, there is still cut, svěšením sheets highlight the dressing, but it often requires. The long drought may respond sometimes by letting either completely dry, usually the lower limb. Location: in an apartment on a light spot at 6 - 22oC. Watering: year round profusely. If the plant has little water, she tells about her svěšením sheets. After the early sealing of the fresh leaves again. Fertilizing: Throughout the year twice a month with liquid fertilizer. Transplantation: every spring, while richly zakrátit accrued roots. LAND: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or earth (akadama), peat, sand in the ratio 3: 1: 1 CUTTING: cut often has a large number of new acquisitions. If nestříháme creates the flowers, but loses bonsai shape. Shaping branch wires throughout the year, new shoots after zdřevnatění.