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Bonsai Elixir 0.5 liters

Art.No.: bonsai_elixir 0,5l
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Bonsai Elixir 0.5 litersContents: 100 ml

BONSAI ELIXÍR assistant product is not intended to revitalize moribund Bonsai, but also other plants, which leaves the poor shrank zálivce (nezalití, overflowing ) after pests or lack of light or just simply nevypadající from different and unknown causes well .... Elixir positively affect their growth and vitality, not only promotes the rapid recovery of injured roots, but also strong growth in new root mass. At the same time accelerates the transport of nutrients from roots to leaves and backward movement to the roots. This product, it can be, unlike fertilizer applied immediately after transplanting, the house plants year-round for outdoor only in spring and summer by keeping the plant to intense prorašení. The bottle containing 100 ml is designed for 2 liters of substrate in the dish (in plants). After clipping off the tip of the green vial and turn the insert into slightly moist substrate. If a thin tube ucpe soil, Bonsai Elixir of plants spray bottle by pushing directly into the substrate. For smaller plants is sufficient to spray only a portion of Elixir into wet soil. The product can be applied again after two weeks.
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