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Plagron Vita Race - iron 250ml

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Plagron Vita Race - iron 250ml

Plagron Vita Race, 250ml
Vita Race 250ml increases chlorophyll production, strengthens plant health, stimulates growth and flowering. Plagron spray iron.

An effective supplement from Plagron supports the intake of nutrients, the formation of chlorophyll and green mass, strengthens the plant's overall defenses. Stimulates growth and flowering.

Vita Race 250ml is mainly used as a spray on the leaves (then it is 100% universal with all growing techniques - clay, coconut, hydro). It can also be added to watering, but only when growing in soil. Sugar Royal gets along well.

Plagron Vita Race spray iron is applied from the beginning of cultivation until the third week of flowering. In addition to basic nutrients (N-P-K = 0-5-8), it also supplies iron to plants with iron, amino acids, trace elements and natural hormones.

After mixing with water, use within 24 hours. Spraying is best done in the morning. Volume 250ml.

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