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Indoor bonsai - Grewia occidentalis - Lavender star

Art.No.: 957-PB246749
size 21 cm, age 4 years
Discontinued product
Indoor bonsai - Grewia occidentalis - Lavender starIndoor bonsai - Grewia occidentalis - Star lavenderLatin: Grewia occidentalis DESCRIPTION: this unpretentious plant comes from South Africa. It owes its name to the large number of beautiful purple flowers that resemble the stars in the sky. Blooms from May to November. It is hardy and grows quite quickly. LOCATION: sunny and partial shade, temperature 10 - 23 oC. WATERING: medium, regular watering suits moist soil, not soaking. FERTILIZATION: regularly after 2 weeks, yellow leaves signal chlorosis, add iron. TRANSPLANTING: after 2 years with shortening of the roots, requires drainage. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master, requires nutritious soil, compost, peat and sand in a ratio of 2:1:1. CUTTING: cut immediately after flowering SHAPING: wire at any time.