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Indoor bonsai - Ilex crenata - Holly

Art.No.: 989-PB247237
size 24 cm, 10 years
Discontinued product
Indoor bonsai - Ilex crenata - HollyDESCRIPTION: evergreen tree or shrub, has small glossy, oblong, oval, dark green leaves. The flowers are inconspicuous white, small red or black fruits - drupes - are formed on the female plants. It is necessary to know where the plants were brought to us from. Plants from warm southern China and Taiwan are indoor, hollies from the colder north and mountains of China, Japan and Korea are outdoor. LOCATION: bright window, hates midday sun, temperature 10 - 18oC. WATERING: let the substrate dry slightly and then water abundantly. FERTILIZATION: from spring to autumn after 14 days, in winter once a month. TRANSPLANTING: in the spring after 3 years, carefully cut the roots. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master, or clay, peat, sand 1 : 1 : 1. CUTTING: when 5 - 7 leaves grow, cut back to two leaves. SHAPING: with wire at any time as needed.