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Indoor bonsai - Serissa foetida Variegata - Tree of a thousand stars

Art.No.: 1249-PB24-779
size 33 cm, age 12 years
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Indoor bonsai - Serissa foetida Variegata - Tree of a thousand starsDESCRIPTION: a subtropical evergreen shrub, it has small shiny leaves and small white flowers that bloom mainly in June, rarely throughout the year. There are simple and full-flowered forms, as well as forms with pink flowers. The color of the leaves is from green to variegated. The success of cultivation lies in watering, where the delicate roots just below the surface of the soil need to be constantly moist and the roots at the bottom of the bowl must never stand in water (similar to indoor azaleas). That's easy to say, but harder to do. Therefore, it is easier to grow serices at lower temperatures and higher air humidity. It sometimes reacts to prolonged drought or waterlogging by drying up part of the plant (branches). LOCATION: bright place, south, east and west window. It reacts to dry air, waterlogging of the roots and a change of location by yellowing and falling of small leaves, which, however, recover quickly. They benefit greatly from wintering. Temperatures from 2 - 15oC, with careful watering 15 - 25oC. WATERING: keep the substrate slightly moist, the plant must not stand in water, otherwise the delicate roots will rot, the leaves will fall off and whole branches or parts of them may die. The success of cultivation lies mainly in watering, which we provide with sensitivity and in accordance with the ambient temperature. FERTILIZATION: from spring to autumn after 14 days, in winter after 4 - 6 weeks. Foliar fertilization is proven. TRANSPLANTING: every 2 years in the spring, at the same time make a short cutting of the roots. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master or clay (akadama), peat and sand in a ratio of 2 : 1 : 1. PRUNING: as needed, we will encourage further flowering by removing faded flowers and shortening them more deeply. SHAPING: wiring is easy, wood is flexible but springs back. We wire mature shoots throughout the year.