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Indoor bonsai - Syzygium - Allspice

Art.No.: 1140-PB249826
size 38 cm, age 10 years
Discontinued product
Indoor bonsai - Syzygium - AllspiceDescription: evergreen tree with lanceolate-pointed, pale green, larger leaves. It produces white flowers in the spring and bright red edible fruits in the summer. New shoots are reddish. Plant care is simple. LOCATION: bright window, ideal temperature 15 - 18oC. Water more often at higher temperatures. WATERING: enough, but it is necessary to prevent excessive wetness, we do not leave water in the saucer for a long time. FERTILIZATION: March - October after 2 weeks, in winter after 4 weeks. TRANSPLANTING: in 1 to 2 years in the spring. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master, or clay (akadama), peat, sand in a ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. PRUNING: after flowering, we shorten it strongly, from August we limit pruning only to long growths that destroy the shape of the bonsai crown. SHAPING: wire is easy, wood is very flexible, we can do it in August and September. The ideal time is in April.
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