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Portulacaria afra

Portulacaria afra

Among the succulent bonsai, it has fleshy green leaves, trunk and young branches are brownish red and operates better than the Tlustice (Crassula), where the long green.
LOCATION: sunny habitat, temperature 10 - 30 ° C, dropping below 5 ° C and a přemáčení devastating.
Watering: hearty salad dressing to a large drying
FERTILISING: 1 x per month
Transplanting: After two to three years, it is important to anchor as watery crown is heavy and there is rebuttal. New roots will grow readily in the dry substrate, even from the ancient tribe if we eliminate eg. All the old, rotten roots (excessive watering)
LAND: normal garden soil and coarse sand in the ratio 1: 2, or Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS with the addition of 1 part of coarse sand.
CUTTING: on light habitats tolerates pruning, willingly branches.
Shaping wire with us a few uses, I recommend before him portulakárii extended period of time without watering, then it is surprisingly easy.

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