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Premna microphylla

Premna microphylla

In his homeland, Southeast Asia, evergreen or poloopadavým bush, which belongs to the family Verbenaceae. In the world there are about 300 species, which differ mainly in shape and size of leaves. Premna since its youth so richly branches and is very suitable for bonsai cultivation. It has simple ovate leaves up to 9 cm long with frequent cutting them in a bowl shrinks down to 1 cm. The flowers are white to yellowish. The fruit is a dark purple drupe spherical shape, which matures in September-October. Czech kozlovoň name probably comes from the fact that it is like serissa when cutting feel in our case as a goat. LOCATION: light and shade, the temperature 10 - 25 ° C. Watering: hearty, because it grows luxuriantly. FERTILISING: After 2 weeks of the year. Transplanting: After two years LAND: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or compost, peat, sand in the ratio 2: 1: 1 CUTTING: for frequent cutting responds to a light place, relatively fast growth of new, smaller leaves. If, richly watered good picture of the old wood, in a larger bowl with plenty of nitrogen creates a large leaves. SHAPING: wire, anytime, watch the cutting of wires in the lush growth. It is suitable to šohiny and on larger bonsai.

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Indoor bonsai - PREMNA MICROPHYLLA - Kozlovoň malolistá Indoor bonsai - PREMNA MICROPHYLLA - Kozlovoň malolistá Art.No.: 546-PB2202359
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