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Punica Granatum

Punica Granatum

Room bonsai-Punica granatum nana-Pomegranate
Pomegranate (Punica granatum nana) is an evergreen shrub with us very often grown as bonsai. Over the summer, place the plant on a balcony or garden into a slight shade or full sun. The plant is not demanding to soil, tolerates acidic and alkaline. It grows best in fertile soil, light, neutral to slightly alkaline reaction. At the bottom of the pot is good to add drainage .. Winters at temperatures around 10 ° C. It blooms in the spring for two months, about the fruits ripen in August.

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Room bonsai-PUNICA granatum nana-Pomegranate Room bonsai-PUNICA granatum nana-Pomegranate Art.No.: 300-PB2161940
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Products per page: 24 48 108
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