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Room bonsai - Buxus harlandii - cork buxus

Art.No.: 1227-PB24-260
size 36 cm, age 12 years
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Room bonsai - Buxus harlandii - cork buxusLatin: Buxus harlandii Bonsai photo you will receive DESCRIPTION: it is an evergreen, robust, slow-growing shrub with very rich, leathery and glossy leaves. It has inconspicuous green flowers and an interesting rough light cream distinctive bark. As a bonsai, it has long been cultivated mainly in Taiwan. LOCATION: in winter on a bright window, in summer half shade is better, tolerates dry air well, temperature in winter 10 - 15 oC, but with sufficient watering it can be 18 - 25oC. WATERING: before the soil dries out, water really abundantly. FERTILIZATION: from spring to autumn after 3 weeks, in winter after 6 weeks. TRANSPLANTING: every 2 years, at the same time cut the roots (1/3). SOIL: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or clay (akadama), peat and sand in a ratio of 2 : 1 : 2. CUTTING: after the growth of 6 pairs of leaves after the 2nd - 3rd leaf. If it has enough light, it very willingly sprouts even on very old trunks and branches. In the places where it has flowers, it shaves and new leaves stop growing when forming seeds. SHAPING: anytime, but watch out for damage to the decorative, sensitive bark.