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Room bonsai - Podocarpus - Stone thousand

Art.No.: 1249-PB24-682
size 28 cm, age 8 years
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Room bonsai - Podocarpus - Stone thousandDESCRIPTION: this decorative slow-growing conifer comes from a subtropical climate zone. In Asia, it is also called the pine of the Buddhists. The bark is dark gray, smooth, later cracked and flaky. The needles are flat, dark green, shiny on the face, they are similar to yew. Treatment in the apartment is relatively simple. The advantage for beginners is that it grows once a year like our pines, the disadvantage for advanced users is that it does not grow and there is nothing to cut and shape. LOCATION: in the apartment they are suitable for east and south windows, but they also do satisfactorily on west and north windows. Temperature 16 - 22oC. WATERING: regularly, moderately, not wet and must not dry out, boil hard water. FERTILIZATION: from spring to autumn after 14 days, in winter after 6 weeks. TRANSPLANTING: in the spring after 2-3 years, at the same time we will treat the roots, which we will then treat with charcoal dust. They need good drainage. SOIL: Bonsai Master bonsai substrate, or clay (akadama), peat, sand in a ratio of 1 : 1 : 1. CUTTING: Prune carefully, it only grows once a year. SHAPING: we wire unshortened shoots that need to be shaped from August to March, older branches at any time, but be careful, they are fragile.