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Fraxinus formosana

Fraxinus formosana

Burly evergreen tree with gray-brown bark, dark green lichozpeřenými larger leaves with five to nine lance tickets. As bonsai are grown mainly in Taiwan, they can withstand less watering, and very little light. LOCATION: in an apartment in a sunny window, outdoor summer sun or partial shade. Winter temperatures 16 - 24 ° C Watering: after a slight drying normally pour. FERTILISING: March to September after 14 days, in winter after a month. Repotting: Every two years in spring, while zakrátíme roots LAND: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or clay (akadama), peat, sand in the ratio 1: 1: 1. For a large proportion of heavy soils are more compact plants. CUTTING: year round at 1-2 pairs of leaves. During the growth we can remove the large leaves or part thereof. SHAPING: lignified branch wires anytime.

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Indoor bonsai - Fraxinus angustifolia - Indoor Ash PB2191221 Indoor bonsai - Fraxinus angustifolia - Indoor Ash PB2191221 Art.No.: 403-PB2191221
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Products per page: 24 48 108
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