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Solanum rantonnetii

Solanum rantonnetii

Gentian tree, gardeners and experts called eggplant rantonettův, is a typical example of portable plants. So the flowers that flourish in our beautiful summer in a container on the patio, but our cold outside does not last, we need to put it away on the landing light in the winter garden.

Blue eggplant is easy, just watering must be regular. On some websites you can read that plants bring to repeated flowering by leaving it almost dry. Please do. There is no need to worry about the flowers for our joy of flowers. Gentian tree flourish abundantly, will - if it quite often shape the best throughout the summer. Dead blooms is necessary to remove, you may gain them a piece of twigs. Tree is concentrated and abundantly flourish. Often cut is one of the reasons hořcového tree growing in the shape of a tree.

Originally, gentian tree shrub without shaping up unsightly, unkempt, too bushy, expelling a long, non-flowering shoots in all directions. The name is derived through flowers and their color resembles popular spring flowering gentian. But it was also bred white cultivar.

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