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Description: evergreen tree with a lancet pointed, light green, larger leaves. In spring put white flowers in summer bright red edible berries. New shoots are reddish. Treatment of plants is easy. LOCATION: bright window, the ideal temperature is 15 - 18oC. At higher temperatures frequently watered. Watering: enough, but to avoid excessive exposure to moisture, do not keep a longer time in the water podmisce. FERTILISING: March-October after 2 weeks in winter after 4 weeks. Transplanting: 1 to 2 years in the spring. LAND: Substrate for bonsai AGRO CS, or clay (akadama), peat, sand in the ratio 1: 1: 1. CUTTING: after flowering strongly zakrátíme, since August we will only flush cutting length increases, which disturbs the shape of the crown bonsai. SHAPING: wire is easy, the wood is very flexible, we can be carried out in August and September. The ideal time is in April.

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Room bonsai - Syzygium - Pimentovník Room bonsai - Syzygium - Pimentovník Art.No.: 202A-PB223373
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Products per page: 24 48 108
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