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Indoor bonsai - Duranta erecta Aurea

Art.No.: 975-PB247078
size 51 cm, age 25 years
Discontinued product
Indoor bonsai - Duranta erecta AureaLatin: Duranta erecta Aurea The bonsai photo you will receive Duranta erecta is a flowering shrub that grows up to 6 meters and equally wide. It is related to verbenas, which we know as balcony plants. It is originally from America, Mexico and the Caribbean, but is widespread in Australia, China, South Africa, and on several Pacific islands. The leaves are light green, elliptical to ovate. With heavy watering and abundant nitrogen fertilization, the leaves can be up to 7.5 cm, but normally 1-2 cm. The flowers are light blue. LOCATION: bright window , can tolerate less light in summer, temperature 12 - 24oC. WATERING: after drying, water abundantly, it can tolerate less watering (slightly drought-loving plant) 1-2 times a week, depending on the location. FERTILIZATION: year-round after 14 days. Fertilizer organic special TRANSPLANTING: after two years in the spring, but does not have problems with another term. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master, or clay (akadama) peat, sand in a ratio of 1:1:1. PRUNING: overgrown plants are easily rejuvenated, with enough light they easily grow from old wood. (cutting scissors) , (Long scissors) , (cheap Chinese) SHAPING: wire is easy, older branches are hard and fragile, so we model young branches in time.