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Indoor bonsai - Ulmus parvifolia - Small-leaved elm

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size 20 cm, age 7 years
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Indoor bonsai - Ulmus parvifolia - Small-leaved elmDESCRIPTION: in their Asian homeland, these beautiful evergreen trees grow up to 20 meters high, and there they have long been shaped into a miniature form - bonsai. They have very fine branching, small fresh green alternately arranged oval leaves with a serrated edge and a very small petiole. They tolerate temperature differences well and respect excessive dryness or humidity. But they need enough light for their successful growth. What is important is where these elms were brought to us. Plants from warm southern China and Taiwan are indoor plants, plants from the cold north and Chinese mountains are outdoor. We will know which plant we have best in autumn. In outdoor elms, all the leaves turn reddish-brown and fall, in indoor elms, some may turn yellow and fall, but green growths are still visible at the ends. LOCATION: mainly in winter on a bright and sunny window at a temperature of 6 - 22oC. With a lack of light, the leaves turn yellow and fall, the growths are pale. If all the leaves fall, new ones will start to grow very soon. From May to September, elms can be outdoors in full sun with sufficient watering. WATERING: water heavily, let it dry a little and water abundantly again. During colder winters, water less, but regularly. FERTILIZATION: year-round after 14 days, during colder winters after 4 - 6 weeks. TRANSPLANTING: in the spring every 2 years, at the same time make a short cut of the roots. SOIL: Substrate for bonsai Bonsai Master, or clay (akadama), peat, sand in a ratio of 2 : 1 : 1. PRUNING: new growths always, semi-woody shoots after 2 - 3 leaves. SHAPING: twigs can be shaped with wire at any time, a properly established crown is easily maintained by pruning.